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We help households and communities participate in the right organic waste cycle. Our 100% compostable paper waste bags get your organic yard and food waste to the curbside without mess and disappear completely back into the earth at the composting facility.



We appreciate everyone who participates in their municipal composting programs; a healthy alternative to landfills. Made from 100% compostable materials, our bags get your organic kitchen and yard waste to your curb without mess.
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From curbside pick-up, our BAG TO EARTH organic waste bags are sent to to composting facilities or biomethanisation/anaerobic digestion plants. Being 100% compostable, processors don't have to sift our bags out of the organic waste, saving your municipality money.
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At the composting facility or biomethanisation/anaerobic digestion plant, our BAG TO EARTH bags break down while having a lasting impact. Our natural fibres nourish the compost, with fewer odours. And our 100% compostable bags cut down your processing costs while creating a richer, more valuable soil.
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