LFWB-EnglishIs the liner in your food waste bags plastic?

The clear lining in our food waste bags is cellulose – not plastic as some may believe. Made from 100% natural fibres, cellulose is clear paper that has been in use for over 100 years. It is this unique cellulose liner that makes our food waste bags leak-resistant, odour-proof and 100% compostable.

What is the difference between your food waste bags and your bin liners?

The difference between the two bags is that the food waste bag has a unique leak-resistant 100% natural fibre liner made from cellulose.

How can I keep my curbside organic waste collection bin clean?

Liners-r2You can buy large food waste bags, yard waste bags or bin liners that are made specifically to fit into most municipal curbside organic waste collection bins. These are 100% compostable, made from renewable resources and will keep your curbside collection bin clean between organic waste pick-up days.

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