Helping processors turn organic waste into top quality Grade AA compost.

BAG TO EARTH does this in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible; this is critical for us. We know that a paper-only organic waste diversion program is the easiest and fastest way to do this.


How does BAG TO EARTH help support the composting or biomethanation/anaerobic digestion process?

  • 100% compostable: Unlike plastic bags (even those labeled “biodegradable” or “certified compostable”), BAG TO EARTH paper food waste bags break down fully into the soil, leaving no traces of synthetic substances that might adversely affect its structure or composition.
  • Compost enhancing: Our 100% paper bags help the composting process, allowing microorganisms to break down the organic wastes more quickly and into top-quality compost.
  • Structural integrity: Our bags contain lignin, unlike plastic bags, which helps bind the soil and give it structure
  • Good colour: Kraft paper turns black when composted so it blends in very quickly and easily with the finished compost
  • Top quality compost: Our 100% paper bags help you attain top-quality compost, which is rich enough to be used in any environment.

BAG TO EARTH also helps your business model:

  • No de-bagging:  You save manual labour costs when you don’t have to de-bag on the tipping floor
  • Time-saving: Our bags break down within a uniform time frame. Many compostable plastic resins degrade at different rates, which can complicate and slow down the composting process.
  • Quicker degradation = quicker revenue: Our bags actually speed up the composting process by providing valuable carbon and enabling oxygen access to microorganisms, helping them break down organic waste faster and with better results.
  • Lower overages: In a paper-only organic waste diversion program, our 100% compostable bags reduce, or even can eliminate, overages and lower your processing costs

Ecologo Certification

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