Our Small and Large Food Waste Bags are lined with cellulose to provide leak resistance for food scraps.

What is cellulose?
  • Cellulose is a material of natural origin (BNQ 0017-988 Compostable Products – Certification Protocol); it is found in the cell wall of green plants.
  • The cellulose content of wood is about 50%.
  • Cellulose is the major constituent of paper, paperboard and card stock.
  • Cellulose can also be converted into a wide variety of derivative products.  At BAG TO EARTH, cellulose is used to line our Small and Large Food Waste Bags to provide leak resistance for food scraps.
Cellulose is organic
  • Cellulose liner may visually look like “plastic”, but it is a paper based product.  It is clear transparent paper.
  • Paper bags with or without cellulose film are considered as organic materials in bulk by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks of Quebec (MDDEFP, 2012. Guidelines for the management of composting activities).


Cellulose certification



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