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BAG TO EARTH compostable food waste bags are designed and certified for use in municipal and industrial composting facilities; however, we encourage the diversion of organic waste through a variety of means, depending on what is available and convenient for you.

If you currently use a home composter, or are considering setting up a composting unit, our compostable paper food waste bags  are an excellent way to collect your organic kitchen waste and get food scraps to the composter without mess. Adding our paper food waste bags to your composter is an easy way of adding more of those necessary “browns” to your “greens” organic waste.

Some Basic Rules for Home Composting


  • Alternate layers of greens and browns
  • Use 1 to 3 parts of browns for every part of greens, depending upon moisture

Our compostable paper food waste bags are a welcome addition of carbon to the mix 


  • Stir or mix the organic waste with a pitch fork or shovel to ensure proper aeration and prevent rotting (anaerobic conditions)
  • Use browns to give structural strength to your pile and facilitate natural circulation of air

Our compostable paper food waste bags can successfully act as bulking agent to keep the pile porous

Optimizing moisture content

  • Do not install you compost pile or composting unit in a depression where water can accumulate
  • Install your compost pile or composting unit in a shaded spot to keep it from drying out
  • Check the moisture content with the squeeze test: a handful of compost should feel moist to the touch, a hard squeeze should produce no more than a drop or two of liquid
  • Add browns to a compost pile that is too moist

Our compostable paper food waste bags can beneficially absorb some of the moisture in food scraps and minimize unpleasant odors

organic-compost-containerWe are frequently asked how quickly our paper food waste bags decompose: that will depend on a number of variables such as the mix of greens and browns that go into your compost pile, moisture, air flow and your specific climate.

For more information on backyard composting, we recommend you check with your local municipality or you can try these resources below:

“Composting At Home”, Cornell Waste Management Institute

“Compost in Your Back Yard”, Department of Public Works, Cambridge MA





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