Our Food Waste Bags are lined with cellulose to provide leak resistance for food scraps.

cellulose paperWhat is cellulose?
  • Cellulose is a material of natural origin; it is found in the cell wall of green plants.
  • The cellulose content of wood is about 50%.
  • Cellulose is the major constituent of paper, paperboard and card stock.
  • Cellulose can also be converted into a wide variety of derivative products.
    At BAG TO EARTH, cellulose is used to line our Food Waste Bags to provide leak resistance for food scraps.
celluloseCellulose is organic
  • Cellulose liner may visually look like “plastic”, but it is a paper based product.  It is clear transparent paper.
  • Paper bags with no film or lined with cellulosic film are less likely to create anaerobic conditions.



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