There are several brands of certification of compostable products, especially for plastic bags. Certifications have guarantee limitations however:

  • What is certification?Plastic can be certified compostable under typical composting conditions reproduced in laboratory, but in practice the composting technologies and conditions may vary (e.g. meteorological conditions).
    • The Marks of Conformity provide compost facility operators a guarantee that the certified products will biologically degrade in accordance with the specified criteria, without negatively impacting the compost produced. However, it does not guarantee that the material is suitable for composting at a specific facility.
    • Whether compostable products, certified or not, are accepted at a compost facility will mostly depend on the facility’s operating equipment

Compostability certification for paper bags

  • A certification is not a legal obligation. It is a voluntary registration; a product can meet a standard without necessarily obtaining the certification associated with it.


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