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completely compostable 100% paper seal Bag to Earth is a paper bag company located in Napanee Ontario

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We create 100% compostable paper food waste bags. Get your organic waste to the curbside without mess and will disappear completely back into the earth and composting site.


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We create environmentally friendly paper bags that return to the earth.

Here at Bag to Earth, we've been creating environmentally safe paper bags for three decades. Since 2003, our location in Napanee has been dedicated to creating the best earth safe compostable waste bag in all of North America.

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How Our Bags Work

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Our Technology


Odour-proof and leak-resistant due to our unique non-GMO lining


Our bags are sturdy, they do not require double bagging to keep the mess inside


Our bags are convenient, they stand up all on their own for your convenience

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